The snow is sparkling outside my window, our tree is twinkling adorned in silver and red, the spirit of Christmas is here. Growing up, my parents always wrote a Christmas Letter to relatives and friends near and far so I thought what better way to carry on that tradition than to write a Christmas letter of my own.Tree2018 was a fun year of new adventures. Last Christmas was our first where we consciously began forging our own new traditions. It was strange to branch away from traveling to be with our own parents for the comfort of Christmas in your childhood home but to create something that was all our own made my heart full. We decided to spend the morning of Christmas Eve as a family skiing at Stowe Mountain Resort. After skiing we had breakfast in the lodge as our lil’ family of four and then headed home for dinner preparations. Bob and I had very different Christmas Eve meals growing up; his was a more formal ham or turkey while we did a low key homemade soup in preparation for the big meal on Christmas Day. We chose to do a blend of both traditions selecting our favorite items from our childhood. Yummy baked Ham, Split Pea Soup, Croissant Rolls, and a “fancy salad”.  We look forward to further cementing our new traditions this year.Family SkiingDecFamily Skiing2In February my parents, brother’s family, and our family rented a condo down in Orlando to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. We spent a day at Disney (now the boys think Florida = Mickey Mouse), and a day at the Kennedy Space center for a rocket launch to fulfill my father’s scientific fix. It was SO fun to have that week of time together as an extended family.  [DISNEY WORLD POST] The boys also discovered Fruit Loops which “only exist in Florida” we will see how long that little myth lasts!Dumbo2Disney1In the spring our adventures came to a screeching halt when I blew out my knee playing pick-up soccer [Knee Blog Post] We tried our best not to let this slow us down but inevitably the summer took on a different cadence. We did manage to make two trips down to the beach in Mattapoisett, MA to visit my husband’s family. These trips are always the highlight of our summer as there is nothing better than seeing our family, cousins, and second cousins at the beach.Mattapoisett MA3DSC00564DSC00668This fall we enjoyed our first foray into organized sports with the Stowe Soccer League. Parker was an official player and Bob jumped in as a volunteer coach. Dawson wanted nothing more than to join in the action so he became an honorary player while I hobbled around the sidelines avoiding the perils of soccer. We introduced the boys to waterparks this year with the help of my brother’s family we explored both the Smugglers Notch Waterpark and the Jay Peak waterpark! We capped off the fall with two fun visits from our MA cousins, it’s always fun to enjoy Stowe from a visitor’s lens. [STOWE FALL VISITORS GUIDE POST]SoccerCousins in VT Aug 2018Trapps Fall 2Parker turned five this December and loves nothing more than riding his bike. He started on his strider bike and tricycle and was riding a two wheeler by 2.5, fast forward to this summer and he spent a ton of time riding the trails of Trapps with “The Wolves,” his bike gang 🙂 Parker is a patient and proud older brother. The teachers at his preschool tell us how he watches out for his younger brother on the playground and is often called upon to comfort Dawson when he gets hurt.DSC00601DSC00744Dawson tuned two in June, Dawsie Doodle or Dawsie the destroyer is our bull in a china shop. He is at the age of wanting things done exactly the same way each time, often calling for his brother for help getting in and out of his Crib, we plan to keep him caged as long as possible 🙂 Dawson is one hysterical little boy making us laugh and throwing out the most charming grins. He enjoys all sports, particularly Basketball, Hockey, and skiing but I am sure more will come with time.DSC00596DSC00715

Dawson DoodleDawson Doodle2Bob continues to work as an in house attorney for his company in Massachusetts, making monthly trips down to our old stomping grounds in Boston. Last winter Bob and his father re-finished our basement expanding the space for a proper playroom, office and guest room (more to come on this topic in the new year!). This summer Bob got in as much mountain biking as possible while caring for me and the boys, and has started the ski season off strong. His new found hobby is Alpine Touring which has turned him into an early riser, he will start his hike up the snowy mountain with headlamp and a few of his buddies and catch a sunrise at the top of Mount Mansfield the highest peak in Vermont.Family skiing 3Alpine TouringI have had more fun than I ever imagined with my blog this year, it has been a gift to write, create and connect with so many people, so thank YOU for giving me this opportunity. I continue to enjoy my job at Keurig Dr. Pepper leading our strategic coffee partnerships and cannot believe I have already been there for five years. I am staying focused on the last of my knee rehab so I can get back to the adventures that our family loves. I recently ran my first mile since May which felt like one of the biggest milestones to date and have enjoyed a few days on the bunny slopes with the boys.Blog FunDecember (1)We are counting our blessing this year and feel so lucky for the gift of family and friends this holiday season. Our guestroom is stocked and ready for your visit so please let us know the next time your travels bring you to Vermont. Wishing you the joy of the holiday season!

The Lils


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As a working mother of two 'lil boys I am experienced in the work/life juggle, and fluent in construction vehicles. After a decade in Boston at New Balance, we moved to Vermont where I lead a portfolio of strategic coffee partners at Keurig. I cannot wait to share our outdoor adventures in Vermont sprinkled with some fun lessons in work/life integration, taking care of yourself, organization, and being a boy Mom.

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