meg-121.jpgFirst, let me start by saying thank you for your support, it means the world to me that you are reading my blog. I had no idea where this lil’ adventure would take me when I started, and to be honest, I still have no idea where it is going but what I do know is that the first half of the year literally flew by. I am enjoying the journey and opportunity to use my creativity again.meg-124.jpgI launched my blog earlier this year by writing⇒ 5 STEPS TO A MORE SUCCESSFUL 2018 it is the methodology I have been using for the past 10 years to set my goals for the New Year. Instead of focusing on things to eliminate I do the reverse and add more of the things that I love.

I am going to focus this quarterly update on what I have learned about blogging thus far, and what’s working. I watched a handful of bloggers from the sidelines for almost a year before deciding that I wanted to see what this crazy world is all about, and I can confirm it is crazy. The first shocking thing to learn is that blogging is not all about the content you write, it primarily revolves around marketing your content. If you are just off writing in a vacuum and not actively sharing the posts it is really hard for people to find them. I would say I spend 20% of my time writing and 80% of my time trying to find new ways to reach people.AtAGlacePlanner-MaryBretEarrings-Sucess2018Social media is the primary way I am marketing my blog because it is free! Since I am not making a dime (OK, I think I made $6.76 total from an amazon affiliated link) I also haven’t spent any money on my marketing. Instead of trying to master every social media platform I focused on my fav 3 Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (in that order of priority) to share my posts. I swore off Facebook 3 years ago when someone created a fake profile for my son and proceeded to friend many of my contacts, but thus far my return to FB is actually directing more traffic to my blog then IG + Pinterest combined. I have learned a TON about IG marketing so I am going to sit-down and write a separate post just on that subject at a later date.

There is a large contingent of “Bloggers” that don’t actually have a blog, I saw a survey on IG that showed 70% of people don’t read blogs (not shocking to me because I personally didn’t read them prior to starting my own– perhaps we are all just talking to ourselves). Many people are just focused on creating social media content and getting paid handsomely to do so. I know, because I get to work with influencers as part of my career in brand marketing, the big ones are making a boatload. That is not me, so I want to stress that all posts and content are my own opinions and not clouded by sponsorship.meg-107Having a network of support when venturing into Blogging is So So important. It is rare to find other working|mom|bloggers.  There are bloggers that have careers outside blogging BUT most don’t have kids yet, and there are millions of stay at home mommy bloggers but connecting with other working women has been rare and rewarding. There are also not many Vermont based bloggers, many travel bloggers visit this beautiful state but few live here so that is a fun lil’ niche for me.

I can tell how many people are reading, but I cannot tell WHO is reading. Right now my top post HOW TO FIND A MENTOR has been read by 375 people, that is tiny compared to more established blogs but re-enforces the note above that there is a void in the space of career women in the blogging world. Since I cannot tell who is reading aside from comments below (hint-hint) when I hear anecdotes from someone that have read my blog posts it gets me SO excited 🙂 meg-68As for my other four 2018 goals, if you are in corporate america today my Red-Yellow-Green status update below will make perfect sense. If you have avoided this wonderful world it is a simple visual way to track projects to know at a glance if you are doing well or off track.

4x Spa Days

52 Core Workouts- In light of my knee surgery this quarter Link here⇒ ACCIDENTS HAPPEN , I am putting this one on hold and will adjust it to focus on completing my physical therapy.

Charge my phone from 5-8pm, M-F

Volunteer 4x at Parker & Dawson’s School

How are you doing on your goals for 2018? Whether you are on-track or need to course correct for the back half of the year just setting out to do more positive things in the year will have you moving in the right direction. Thanks again for reading!!meg-120.jpg

All photos by: @savannah_brown_photography


Posted by:lilvermontadventures

As a working mother of two 'lil boys I am experienced in the work/life juggle, and fluent in construction vehicles. After a decade in Boston at New Balance, we moved to Vermont where I lead a portfolio of strategic coffee partners at Keurig. I cannot wait to share our outdoor adventures in Vermont sprinkled with some fun lessons in work/life integration, taking care of yourself, organization, and being a boy Mom.


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