If you are following me on social media you have probably seen bits and pieces of what happened to me on that fateful day of May 11th, but not the full story so here it goes.Perfect DayIt was a GORGEOUS Friday, I am talking top 10 for Vermont, birds were chirping, leaves were starting to bud, the temperature was not to hot and not too cold, you get the picture, right? On lovely days like this my co-workers and I get excited for our lunch run. On this day I was the one to send the email, my calendar (for once) was not crazy with meetings so I lobbed it out there to see who wanted to run. Much to my delight there was already a pick-up-Soccer game in the works —  I can never turn down friendly competition so I WAS IN! Since I hadn’t played the sport since 3rd grade and worried I might just be prancing around the field not getting much action with my lack of skills three of us decided to double up and sprint 2 miles as a warm up. (Totally normal, right?)The game started at noon and I was feeling giddy for this amazing opportunity to play a pick-up sport on a gorgeous sunny day in May, but also anxious to play a sport I literally had not played in decades… I even told Kate “I am excited for soccer, but just don’t want to hurt my knee.”

The game was pretty even.  The other team had a few more finesse players with actual ball handling skills, but our team was a little better on defense and muscled through some goals. As time passed I began to feel more confident (I was not good by any stretch) but I knew how to position myself on the field from my many years of field sports. I played Field Hockey, Basketball, and Lacrosse in High School and then went on to play Lacrosse at Hobart William Smith in college.

It was nearing 1:00, 12:50 to be exact and I knew I needed to wrap it up to get back to my desk and finish work before the weekend… I called “Next goal wins”. You NEVER call next goal wins, OR last run when skiing… you just don’t do it. It’s like asking for an accident or injury at the 11th hour. We had a man up on the other team and being competitive it was time to make a break for the goal, the ball was sent far right of the goal and it was my moment to shine. I charged after the soccer ball running full speed, my right leg was in full extension when I felt a pop, my stomach twisted, and I was face-down on the ground banging my fists into the grass and screaming at the top of my lungs (some not so very kind words).MRIHospital-SelfieWhile I was in denial for the next week until my MRI confirmed my fears, in my gut I knew this injury would define my summer. My family lives a VERY active lifestyle, enjoying the great outdoors, hiking, biking, running, tennis, swimming we love it all. There were road races to be cancelled, summer trips that would be put on hold, and accommodations to help keep our family running without two able bodied parents. In that fraction of a second I managed to sever my patellar tendon, an injury that requires immediate surgery. This past month has been a whirlwind to say the least, my husband deserves all the credit in the world as he chases our 2 and 4 year old boys around, all while caring for me (his 3rd child).Waiting for SurgeryPT2If you want to follow my progress, I am posting weekly milestones of my small victories here ⇒ KNEE UPDATES

If you find yourself in the same predicament, the main product I could not live without for my recovery is my Cryo Cuff.  Not cheap,  but I literally have it icing my knee half the day. It applies compression and cold all in one and is much easier to tolerate then an ice pack. Most insurance no longer covers them but you can use a Health Savings Account if  you have one.

The basic recovery plan has me in a straight leg brace to protect the repair for 12 weeks which means no driving or anything else that requires bending your knee. During that time I work with PT 1-2x a week to gradually start bending the knee without bearing weight. At the end of the 12wks I start to strengthen the muscles in my leg again with the goal of being fully recovered after 6 months. I am trying to find someone who has recovered from a patellar tendon repair that can share with me what to expect in the months to come, please comment or message me if you know of anyone.

This summer will not be marked by my typical races run or adventures had, but rather a series of small but important victories. Tiny changes only tracked by my physical therapist and me. I assure you I will be back to my usual active self, and we will celebrate every step of the way–Thanks for reading!Celebrating-Small-Victories

Posted by:lilvermontadventures

As a working mother of two 'lil boys I am experienced in the work/life juggle, and fluent in construction vehicles. After a decade in Boston at New Balance, we moved to Vermont where I lead a portfolio of strategic coffee partners at Keurig. I cannot wait to share our outdoor adventures in Vermont sprinkled with some fun lessons in work/life integration, taking care of yourself, organization, and being a boy Mom.


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