lil workstyle #1bI began the #lilworkstyle series as a way to motive myself to pull together an inspired workstyle at least once a week. Here is a link to my previous post if you haven’t had a chance to read it [SHARING A ‘LIL WORKSTYLE] What I didn’t anticipate was how fun it would be to connect with old friends, colleagues and new bloggers to share other people’s #lilworkstyle. You have all been SO inspiring and taught me so much with your styling tips. I also learned that many of you also share the same fear of coming out from behind the camera; for everyone who took the leap and posted a picture of just themselves it was awesome to see the positive out pouring of responses. As you will see from the mix of outfits below the corporate culture is evolving and the dress code can vary greatly depending on what industry you work in, what role you have and quite frankly the day you are having.

Meet: Megan (Me) @megliljedahl on IG

Role: Senior Manager, Partners. I manage a portfolio of strategic partnerships with large coffee brands

Company: Keurig Green Mountainlilworkstyle2What fills my Mug: Laughing Man Ethiopia Sidama Coffee, with honey and half/half [Buy my Favorite Coffee] Hugh Jackman, giving back to global coffee farming communities, what’s not to love?!

Mom to: Parker (4) and Dawson (21mo)

My #lilworkstyle: Preppy, with a pop whether it be a necklace, scarf or colorful shoes. I always wear a blazer to important meetings, because it makes me feel confident AND you can’t see me sweating 🙂lilworkstyle7Favorite Places to Shop: JCrew, Loft, Banana Republic, DSW. While I generally shop what’s on sale I do like to splurge on key accessories like this Tory Burch Bag. For my tall ladies most of my pants come from JCrew because I have their fit down, I have also had great luck with Banana Republic for Tall pants. There have been enough requests for tall girl tips that I am planning to team up with another tall lady and do a post just focused on this topic, so I promise…more to come!lil workstyle #2Style Tip: For new moms give yourself time to get re-acclimated with your style. Between body changes, nursing and literally no time to yourself if you make it out the door in the morning you should consider it a win. Now that I am doing this series I pull it together 1x a week but that takes planning and preparing myself the night before…I promise you the other days are not quite as put together! 🙂 My favorite style tip came from a senior leader at Keurig: “Dress for the role you want, AND the day you are having” this simple twist on an old quote makes it far more attainable for us working mothers. If you have a day without important meetings, dress accordingly, just because you are wearing jeans doesn’t mean you don’t want to be the next CEO.

I keep the Balance By: Push for a work sch that fits your life. I started WFH 2 days a week and it has made a huge difference in my happiness. On those two days I don’t have a commute so I commit to spend that time on a workout.

Jaime LilworkstyleMeet: Jaime @jcoh425 on IG

Role: Sales Planning Manager

Company: New Balance Inc.

What fills my mug: Stumptown Cold Brew

Mom to: Hudson (her pup)

Favorite place to shop: Topshop x Nordstrom

Style Tip: Have your core go-to pieces and build up from there!

I keep the Balance By: Weekending hard with my amazing fiancé @davidroahen, 8pm bedtimes M-W, Core power yoga, following @hollyperkins #macros101 challenge, and hanging with my pup @hudbucket. I also have 30 plants in my 701 square foot apartment 😂Jaime Lilworkstyle2Jenny1Meet: Jenny @herbestalways on IG

Role: Attorney

Company: State of Florida

What fills my mug: Strong pour over coffee with Cream and 2 SplendaJenny2My #lilworkstyle: Classy and sophisticated

Favorite places to shop: Loft, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, any department store that carries Tahari, Antonio Melani and Kasper

Style Tip: Don’t spend a fortune on your work basics!  Buy affordable pieces that you can mix and match and then splurge on a few fun items like bags, jewelry and shoes!

I keep the Balance By: Working out (currently loving Orange Theory) and spending time with my hubby and friends on the weekends!Jenny3Jenny4Jenny’s photos are by Angelita Esparar Photography @angelita_photo on IG

Sarah6.jpgMeet: Sarah @ssperling22 on IG

Role: Product Manager

Company: Keurig Green Mountain

What fills my mug: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Costa Rica Paraiso Coffee, Black [[Link to Sarah’s Favorite Coffee]

Mom to: Stella, age 3Sarah1My #lilworkstyle: I like to stick to neutral colors – jewel tones, blacks, whites, grays, and shades of beige. Key staples in my closet for Monday – Thursday are slim fit black slacks, 1 patterned pant, 1 jewel tone pant, wrap dresses, and pencil skirts. From a tops perspective, I prefer anything that is not a button down (I find button downs to feel restrictive during the day). I like to make my outfits pop through shoes and statement necklaces. On Fridays (and some weekdays when I have a light meeting day) I typically wear either black or dark denim jeans with a nice top – typically with heels.Sarah5Favorite place to shop: Ann Taylor (only on sale though – never purchase Ann Taylor full price. Wait for a 40-50% coupon to come out). My black suede tie pumps were $37 after I purchased them 50% off their sale price! Nordstrom’s Trunk Club – my personal shopper Annemarie is a rock star who keeps me on style and on budget – (follow this referral link to work with Annemarie too – Trunk Club also recently opened up a club house here in Boston so you can schedule time in-person with Annemarie (and their free bar!) to try on and purchase clothes. It is great for a girls night out.Sarah3Style Tip: Wear what makes you feel confident. Try new styles out on the weekend so you are not fidgeting at the office all day. I can’t stress this enough – shoes really change an outfit. Wearing fancy pumps with an over-sized sweater and jeans dresses it up instantly. Splurge once in a while on a good pair of shoes – they will last longer and won’t fall apart if you wear them everyday.

I keep the Balance By: Having an awesome supportive partner. Our house is a little crazy with no family nearby, both my husband and I work full time; I am working on my MBA part-time 2 nights a week, he is working on completing a second bachelor’s degree 1 night a week, and we have our spunky 3-year old. Feeling great in my outfits actually helps me keep the balance because I feel strong, confident, and beautiful which helps me push through even some of the toughest days.

Porter2Meet: Porter @porterthorndike on IG

Role: VP of R&D

Company: Information Builders

Dad to: Porter Jr (4) Cameron (5)

My #lilworkstyle: Neutral suit, bow tie, cuff links, bright socks, pocket squarePorter1Favorite places to shop: Ted Baker, Etsy

Style Tip: I only like two colors, pink and purple.  Everything other than the suit will be a shade of the color I pick for that day.

I keep the Balance By: Exercise is the key, makes you happy and confident.  I can’t think of a bigger benefit to your career than being know for those two things.

work-outfit-with-classic-white-shirt-tie-waist-pants-Rachelleyellow-pants-outfit-ideas-768x512-RachelleMeet: Rachelle @pinksole_rach on IG

Role: QA Analyst

What fills my Mug: Bulletproof Coffee with cashew milk.

My #lilworkstyle: A-line skirt, buttoned down shirt and pointed flats.

Favorite places to shop: J.Crew, Shopbop, Gap, Nordstrom

Style Tip: Whatever you are wearing make sure you are comfortable in it and well fitted clothes always look good.

I keep the Balance By: Exercising, reading, basically anything that has to do with self carework-outfit-with-pink-cropped-trousers-ankle-pants Rachellehow-to-style-pink-pants. Rachellejpg

If you are not following me on Instagram megliljedahl (please do) on Monday I share a series called #behindthemugmonday featuring a new style contributor from the week. I also highly recommend sneaking a peak at the #lilworkstyle tag and adding one of your own looks into the mix!

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this post please help me by sharing with a friend or colleague. I would love to hear your #lilworkstyle tips below!

Posted by:lilvermontadventures

As a working mother of two 'lil boys I am experienced in the work/life juggle, and fluent in construction vehicles. After a decade in Boston at New Balance, we moved to Vermont where I lead a portfolio of strategic coffee partners at Keurig. I cannot wait to share our outdoor adventures in Vermont sprinkled with some fun lessons in work/life integration, taking care of yourself, organization, and being a boy Mom.


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