lilworkstyle2Making my way from behind the camera is a scary proposition…how do these bloggers do it 24/7. If you look through my photo stream you can quickly tell that my comfort is found behind the camera (iphone really) and if I am in the photo it was NEVER previously solo…who really wants to see that, I’d prefer to just hide behind my lil’ kiddos. So what has inspired such a thing? … it is YOU, so thank you! YOU have given me an opportunity to test the waters and challenge myself to try new things.Getting ReadyI have thought a lot about self-care lately and always notice I feel much better on the days where I take the time to pull myself together. This used to happen 90% of the time but with two boys running around, let’s face it, I am lucky if it happens at all. It’s a feat to get yourself ready along with two kids dangling from your legs wanting to touch your curling iron, sample your products and ask you a gazillion questions.lilworkstyleAdding to my inspiration is the fact that my insta feed is primarily filled with adorable outfits to inspire my weekend style but nothing to inspire my 9-5. So my commitment to you (and myself), is that once a week I’ll pull it together to share a lil’ workstyle with you all.lilworkstyle4I hope you will start to get inspired as truly what excites me the most is seeing some of your friendly faces (mugs) and what you are wearing to work as we start to build a community. Since moving to Vermont, I do miss seeing so many of my Boston friends and co-workers. Please post with the tag  #lilworkstyle, or email me a photo.  ShoesYou are all doing such amazing things in your lives and careers so I will do a short IG story on one of you each week; what you do, advice for other moms, style tips, where you shop etc. I know it is scary to post photos of yourself (believe me I am terrified) but I challenge you to also come from behind the camera and share with our community the days where you look and feel your best.lilworkstyle3Where does everyone shop for their workstyle these days? The only shop-able piece above is my top which is from LOFT and I need a serious overhaul if I am going to show you inspiring outfits every week. Please share your suggestions in the comments below. Thank you!!

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As a working mother of two 'lil boys I am experienced in the work/life juggle, and fluent in construction vehicles. After a decade in Boston at New Balance, we moved to Vermont where I lead a portfolio of strategic coffee partners at Keurig. I cannot wait to share our outdoor adventures in Vermont sprinkled with some fun lessons in work/life integration, taking care of yourself, organization, and being a boy Mom.


  1. Love this! I just bought the new Athleta jeans and LOVE them – quality, great color and so comfortable. I’ve recently purchased the New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Cruz. Also, I don’t wear a ton of make up but LOVE my scarlet Beautycounter lip sheer and dew skin as well as the cream blush for lips and cheeks helps me feel super put together.

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