If you’ve known me for a while you may be scratching your head wondering “why the heck is Megan interested in blogging and what is her end goal in all of this” (as many of you know, I always have a PLAN). If you just started following along you should also know what you are getting yourself into. 🙂  I’ve honestly loved the curiosity and would be asking the same questions… so here goes!Outlook Head ShotPeople have asked me if I quit my job? Negative. I am still in marketing leading Strategic partnerships for Keurig Dr. Pepper.

Are you just trying to become Insta-famous? BIG NO.

Are you getting paid to sell me something? Nope. I made a whopping $26 dollars in 2018.  In 2019 I want to find ways to earn enough money through my blog to pay for a basic subscription on WordPress so that I can remove the pesky ads that have started popping up. However my approach to promoting brands and products has stayed consistent, I only seek out or accept partnerships for products that 100% believe in. So if you see a link to purchase something know that any small commission I make will be put back into making my blog a better experience for you!

Then why pray tell are you doing this? pexels-photo-285173.jpegIt was one of my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions Going into the holidays I was working around the clock which was starting to wear me down. I know it is counter-intuitive to just add more to a busy plate but I read an article in Real Simple around ways to re-invigorate your career and it recommended doing something that Scares you, and for me Blogging was just that.pexels-photo-743986.jpegI was lacking a creative outlet. I am a brand and marketing person thru and thru and have been fortunate enough to work at large companies (New Balance Inc. & Keurig Dr Pepper) for over 15 years. The only downside to $3B+ companies is that getting your ideas and vision through the system can be challenging. For me to have a project and brand to craft on my own and the opportunity to take that journey in any direction I chose is proving to be pretty darn fun.0W7A3724I want to connect with & help others. Helping others is the main personal benefit I see in sharing my ideas and recommendations. If I can make one mom’s life easier by sharing a mitten [Link] that has changed the game for getting outdoors with my boys, or I can help someone have a more fulfilling year [Link] focused on adding more of the things they love I would consider my blogging effort a success. I never imagined how many wonderful people I would meet through this journey and I aim to start building a community to connect you all!Stowe VermontI want to drive the Vermont and broader New England Economy. If you want my end goal in all of this it would be to support and promote the local businesses in my town of Stowe, Vermont and more broadly in New England. We have SO many great brands and products right in our backyards. I have been fortune to partner with a number of awesome brands here in New England over the past year: Monelle Vermont , Stowe Mountain ResortTop Notch Resort , Bramble & Bloom, Country Store On Main, Tangerine & Olive, KEP Designs, RaisedVT, Gooseneck VineyardsMary Bret EarringsGells USA, Stowe Cider. Special thanks to all these amazing Brands for allowing me to be your brand ambassador, partner and friend.Gyllenborg_Home_072I want to live in Stowe, Vermont forever  If I can help drive the economy in my little town and help businesses have greater marketing reach then who knows someday this might afford me the opportunity to continue to live in the town I love.

Thank you so much for reading and following along! If you have other questions for me or reccos for fabulous New England brands please let me know in the comments below!

Posted by:lilvermontadventures

As a working mother of two 'lil boys I am experienced in the work/life juggle, and fluent in construction vehicles. After a decade in Boston at New Balance, we moved to Vermont where I lead a portfolio of strategic coffee partners at Keurig. I cannot wait to share our outdoor adventures in Vermont sprinkled with some fun lessons in work/life integration, taking care of yourself, organization, and being a boy Mom.

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