My first memory of Kristen is from skiing a newly formed glade run at Sunday River Ski Resort in Maine. I was super excited to have Kristen with me for the adventure, but slightly nervous she may give me the “why the H did you drag me down this?!” expression mid-way though the run. When I looked to my right and saw Kristen on her snowboard with gleeful smile spread across her face, I knew that she would always be up for an adventure, continue to inspire me, and push me to be my best. Fast forward 7 years and it should be no surprise that Kristen was the first to reach out and share her excitement for this new blogging adventure. Below is my interview with Kristen sharing her goals. Happy Reading!Interview with KristenKristen, you seemed to have an ah-ha moment after reading Five Steps to a More Successful Year [Link Here] , can you share a little more about that?  Yes…I think the reality of what sunk in for me was the switch from having resolutions focus on things to stop doing and shifting to things I want more of in my life. My new mantra is to focus on getting more good into my life and stop worry about getting the bad out.0W7A3561What resolutions have you set for yourself?  My resolution list is currently more than 5, so I’m still working on pairing them down (seriously, you’ve inspired me!).  I read your blog post while in with NH with my extended family and immediately started doing a brain dump of all the things I want to do in 2018, while pushing them to brainstorm for themselves.  The best part is the full support I have from Kevin [my husband] and family!  There isn’t anything better than having a list of things that make me happy, combined with the encouragement and support of my closest loved ones!0W7A3753 (1)1. At work, either get a promotion in the next 2 months and/or pull back on the amount of time I am dedicating to getting to that next level.  I have to reset my boundaries on how long certain sacrifices of time are sustainable at my current level.  As working parents our daughter, Ava, is making it very clear that she needs her parents to be present during the time we have together and not trying to multitask (yes, this includes answering “just one more” email when we think she isn’t paying attention).0W7A36802. Our office has shortened hours on Fridays, so I’m committing to leave @1:30 to spend the afternoon/evening doing something fun together as a family.  We’re going to put a bunch of ideas in a jar and then pick one together each Friday so our family time is not sucked up by chores and errands.pexels-photo-198192.jpeg3. Stay up to date on technology, updating my iPhone software as soon as a new update is available (22 versions, that’s how far behind I was recently, oops!).  I also I want to embrace the latest tech trends rather than lag behind and become intimidated by them.

4. Organize my digital photos, keep consistent, back photos up, 4x photobooks a year (1 down!)0W7A41385. More girl time, make it a point to see my friends more often. 4x throughout the year have quality time with my girlfriends, a weekend trip would be nice but I would settle for a day of shopping and lunch.

So now that you were recently promoted (CONGRATS!!) how do you handle your first goal? Thank you!  At the end of the day it will be a combo of dialing it back and getting after this new promotion.  I need to be clear with my team on realistic expectations and ask them to support me in ensuring we as a team have the right balance and support for each other.  I also want them to feel empowered to push back on me if expectations begin to impact their personal happiness.  I’m now in the position to influence and help my team get the balance that is right for them (everyone is different). My job is to make sure that I get those on my team to where they want to be in their career, whether it’s work life balance, career advancement, job sculpting, expanded experience, etc.  In short, I have to lead by example.0W7A3724What tips/advice do you have for other working moms? I would encourage everyone to make themselves a priority, let others know what you want, ask for their support and set your own boundaries.   When I went back to work after maternity leave I adjusted my schedule to not be in the office most Fridays.  At the time, getting the guts to ask my boss to adjust my schedule was way scarier than being responsible for another human (which was also scary), but it is one of the moments in my life I’m most proud of.  I asked for what I wanted, put myself first and realized I had nothing to lose, but everything to gain. The best tip I have, which stems from that priceless year of Fridays with Ava, is to block EVERY Friday, ALL DAY as a recurring meeting. I never took my calendar block off when I returned to working Fridays and I’ve found that it forces people to reach out directly if there is something important they need me to attend on a Friday.   Now my Fridays are less stressful, and much more productive.

Kristen, thank you so much, I am truly inspired by your goals and know others will be too, do you have any last thoughts? My only parting words would be, in a world that is filled with so much divide, negativity and stress, my overarching theme (inspired by you) is to focus on feeling positive and doing things that make me happy in the short term.  I am focusing my time, energy and efforts on things that will bring happiness to my life, not putting my efforts towards things that I can only hope will bring happiness at an unknown point in the future.

Kristen is now the Sr. Manager of Customer and Promotional Analytics at Dunkin’ Brands, Inc.

If you already set goals for yourself please share them in the comments to inspire others to take the leap. Thank you for reading!

Photos by: @alibphoto

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As a working mother of two 'lil boys I am experienced in the work/life juggle, and fluent in construction vehicles. After a decade in Boston at New Balance, we moved to Vermont where I lead a portfolio of strategic coffee partners at Keurig. I cannot wait to share our outdoor adventures in Vermont sprinkled with some fun lessons in work/life integration, taking care of yourself, organization, and being a boy Mom.


  1. CONGRATS K$!! I couldn’t love this blog post/interview more. Love you ladies and am super inspired by both of your sets of goals/resolutions. Side note – I’m open, available and ready to help you meet your #5 anytime! ; ) xoxo – KSully

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    1. Thank you, KSully! I would be lost if I didn’t have such strong inspirational working moms like you and Meg in my life. I’m pretty sure we could plan an awesome day/weekend to incorporate my #5, your #4, #5 and #7! I think we need a Lil’ Vermont Adventure on the books!

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  2. I was similarly inspired by your original post and much like Kristen, the thing that clicked was focusing on things I wanted to TO DO, not those things I wanted to stop doing – WAY more fun! Here goes…(I’m still narrowing down too!!…)
    1. Be more informed about current events (I’m listen to either The Daily/Up First podcast daily or reading The Skimm)
    2. Renovate our basement (super scary to me – but we desperately need the space!)
    3. 20 date nights/day dates w/my hubby (1 down, 19 to go – can’t wait!)
    4. 2 spa days w/friends (stole this from you, Meg – LOVE it! Wish we had something akin to Topnotch here in Boston)
    5. 26 workouts w/friends (also stole this from you – but no way I’m going to get 52 as I do so many workouts in our basement or around our neighborhood at 5am…so I’m trying to half that this year and see where I get to!)
    6, Read 4 books (sounds like so little, I know – 1 a quarter – but I only find time to read for fun before bed and I usually pass out in about 5 minutes…so each book takes a LONG time! :))
    7. 10:15pm bedtime (or earlier!) as often as possible!

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  3. I loved the original blog post and it motivated me to make my own set of goals for 2018. It is so inspiring to read what others have committed to for the new year.
    Here are 2 of my 5 goals…

    1- practice 25 acts of self love/self care this year. This can be anything…a yoga class, a solo walk, a massage, a nap, manicure, meditation, taking in a new exhibit at a museum, drawing, etc.

    2. Strive to be a more informed activist. This is two part…The first is to read 3 books authored by women of color regarding social justice and political change. The second is to find an organization run by women of a color that I can financially support and become involved with.

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  4. I absolutely loved your blog post about goals for 2018 and I was immediately inspired to make my own. Your practical tips were so helpful! I’ve never made New Years “resolutions” before and I’m so excited! Here are two of my goals:

    1. Register for my first running race in years! I recently had two baby boys back to back so my exercise routine has taken quite a nose dive. Using your tips to focus on the positive and DO things, I thought a race would be a good way to make sure I carve out time for regular running, and it’s working so far! Truth be told, it is a 5k Race to the Pint at Cape Cod Brewery 🍻👍, so maybe not all that ambitious, but great motivation for now!

    2. Meditate 12x or once a month. For any serious meditators out there I know this might sound ridiculous, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years so I’m starting with a goal that I hope will be attainable!

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  5. Yes! Love this! Thanks for writing on and talking about this important topic!

    For 2018 I hope to think more about how I want to feel and then link that up with actions. Ie to feel creative, I’ll do x…it’s desire mapping with Danielle Laporte. Highly recommend.

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